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Virtual Desktop Manager - DesktopKeeper

How does DesktopKeeper extends your desktop?

Good news! Now you have two desktops!

Extend your Desktop
Each desktop can have:

  • Own desktop icons;
  • Own wallpaper;
  • Own windows;
  • Own password.
Desktop Icons Manager

To switch between desktops you can use:

  1. User defined hot key;
  2. Icon in the system tray;
  3. Icon in the DesktopKeeper Windows Manager.
DesktopKeeper Windows Manager
You can:
  1. Copy desktop windows and icons to other desktop;
  2. Move desktop windows and icons to other desktop;
  3. Delete desktop windows and icons from desktop;

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Read more details in the help manual.

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I was looking for something that would keep my 7 year old daughter and 12 year old stepson out of my computer so I installed DesktopKeeper. Not only did it keep the kids out when I didn't want them on it, but with all the other features it has I use it even when the kids aren't here.

Thanks for the great product,

Chris Wagers
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