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Version 4.0 has been released June 10 2003
What's new?

  1. Improved virtual desktop manager.
    Now each desktop can have own desktop icons, wallpaper, password, running applications.
  2. Improved windows manager.
    It allows to replace Windows taskbar as well, switches desktop, copy/move windows between desktops, quickly close applications.
  3. Added new feature - desktop menu.
  4. Added Quick Save, Quick Restore features.
  5. Fixed small bugs.
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USA site

Australian Site

I was looking for something that would keep my 7 year old daughter and 12 year old stepson out of my computer so I installed DesktopKeeper. Not only did it keep the kids out when I didn't want them on it, but with all the other features it has I use it even when the kids aren't here.

Thanks for the great product,

Chris Wagers
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