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Main features
Main features
  • Orthogonal grids
  • Axonometric grids
  • Handwriting grids
  • 23 grid presets
  • Customizable grids
  • Fast showing/hiding grid
  • Customizable color and opacity

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  • Grid types
  • License Agreements
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    Get grid for drawing over your desktop
    for Windows 95 - Windows 10

    iGrid plots drawing grid right over your desktop, so you can use it everywhere, with any drawing application without any special plugins for different graphic editors. Just install and run iGrid and you'll see grid plotted over entire screen:

    iGrid plots drawing grid over desktop

    Click left mouse button on the iGrid's tray icon to show/hide the grid or right mouse button to see iGrid's menu:

    iGrid tray icon and menu

    Choose "Settings..." and you'll see the settings dialog, where you can choose grid type between orthogonal, axonometric and handwriting, preset for each grid type and common grid parameters, like color and opacity. All the changes will be displayed in the preview area immediately:

    iGrid settings dialog

    Grid presets allow you to choose one of the following grid for orthogonal:

    • Regular small
    • Regular medium
    • Regular large
    • Advanced small
    • Advanced medium
    • Advanced large
    for axonometric:
    • 30° isometric projection
    • 1/2 isometric projection
    • 30°/60° isometric projection
    • 45°/45° "military" isometric projection
    • 7°/42°/0.5 NEN/ISO dimetric projection
    • 30°/0.5 "chinese perspective" dimetric projection
    • 0.5 "side-view" dimetric projection
    • 0.5 "top-view" dimetric projection
    and for handwriting:
    • Regular small
    • Regular medium
    • Regular large
    • School small
    • School medium
    • School large
    • Elementary school small
    • Elementary school medium
    • Elementary school large
    You can change all the parameters of any preset to create your own grid. Just click the source preset you want to use as a base then click the "Custom" item in the presets list and change grid parameters.

    Grid can be shown and hidden by click on the tray icon, but in addition you can define hot key for fast showing and hiding grid. Open Settings dialog, select the "Show/hide hot key" item and press the shortcut you want to assign.

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    Are you developer?
    Order our iGrid.Plotter library with full source codes for .Net (C#) and VCL (Delphi Pascal)!
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