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Screen Beagle - Screenshot
The Screenshot utility is intended for copying to clipboard or saving to file the contents of the screen or selected part of the screen. Information window contained loupe area, cursor position, selection coordinates and sizes are available in this utility. Screenshot can be saved in GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP and TIF format.


Selected rectangle can be moved and resized by the mouse and with the keyboard. All the saving and copying functions are available with the shorcuts too

Shortcut Action
Arrow Keys Move selected rectangle
Shift + Arrow Keys Resize selected rectangle
Ctrl + C Copy entire screen image to clipboard
Ctrl + S Save entire screen image to file
Alt + C Copy selection to clipboard
Alt + S Save selection to file
"I am visually impaired, so often need to magnify what is on screen. Screen Beagle is the first PC program I have found which magnifies right where the pointer is and it is so much easier to use than the usual Windows magnifiers which split the screen. I am very pleased that you have developed this utility."
Gordon Love
JustType - On-Screen Assistant for Blind Typing

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