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  • Clip History
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    Greatis Toys - Mouse Launcher
    The Toys' Mouse Launcher allows to run any application, open any folder and access any Toys' feature by simple mouse move without click - just place the mouse cursor into any screen's corner. The key modifiers, like Ctrl, Shift and Alt keys allow to get up to 6 different actions in each screen corner, so 24 different actions can be available.

    Mouse Launcher Settings

    Other great utilities
    JustType     JustType
    On-screen assistant for blind typing

    JustType will help you to be familiar with touch typing without any tutors. You'll type, not to learn to type as you do with the keyboard tutors programs.  More »

    iGrid     iGrid
    Drawing grid utility

    iGrid plots drawing grid right over your desktop, so you can use it everywhere, with any drawing application without any special plugins for different graphics applications.  More »

    Poster It!     Poster It!
    Poster print utility

    Prints your photos and images as posters on multiple pages as simple as 1-2-3!  More »

    LangFlash     LangFlash
    On-screen indicator of current input language

    Shows small window with the language name at the screen center when current input language is changed by the switching between applications with different selected languages or when changing language by switching language hot keys.  More »

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