How to Install UnHackMe

You can install a new version over any previous version without uninstalling it.
  1. Click unhackme_setup.exe.

  2. Accept User Account Control (UAC) confirmation.

  3. Choose your Language.

  4. Click on the "Next".

  5. Accept License Agreement.

  6. Select Additional Tasks: confirm activating "Network Shield".

  7. Select destination location.

  8. Ready to Install.

  9. Close Applications.
    If you have trouble on this step,
    use Task Manager to close unhackme.exe, hackmon.exe, reanimator.exe, wu.exe processes manually.
  10. Completing installation
    Click the Finish button to complete the installation process
    and start UnHackMe, UnHackMe monitor and initial scan for malware.
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Now you can proceed to the Get Started guide. ‎

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