How to Understand is an Item Good or Bad

  1. Select an item and double-click on the item icon.

  2. Investigate the properties.
  3. In this case, the file is detected using the "UnHackMe Antivirus Database".
    The file is located in the malware sub-folder: TEMP\CSRSS (marked red).

  4. Click the "Check File" button to get more information.
  5. Check the percentage of "Why Bad" and "Why Good".
    Click the "Why Bad" to know bad reasons.
  6. Inspect a status of Multi-Antivirus check.

  7. Click "Need Some Help".
  8. Use the "Get it out" button to delete a file from a hard drive.
    Then use the "Fix" button in the main window to kill the process.

Plain Text
Now you can proceed to the "Why a Legitimate File Marked as Dangerous" guide. ‎

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