How to use UnHackMe Monitor

  1. What is UnHackMe Monitor? UnHackMe Monitor is a program working in the background, used to run the scheduled scanning, check for updates, getting quick access to the UnHackMe features.
  2. How to set the UnHackMe monitor icon always visible in the system tray?
    • Right-click on the Taskbar.
    • Choose Taskbar Settings.
    • Click "Select which icons appear on the taskbar".
    • Turn on UnHackMe.
  3. Click on the UnHackMe Monitor icon to display the current status.
    You see, that's your system, OK.
    UnHackMe notifies you about the time before the next scheduled scanning.
    You can click the "Open UnHackMe" button to display the HackMe main screen.
  4. Click the "blue shield" button to start scanning right now.
  5. Click the Menu button to show the UnHackMe Monitor menu.
    • "Check it" - quick memory scanning.
    • "Reanimator" - additional tools and features.
    • "Exit" - shutdown UnHackMe Monitor.
  6. If your system is not OK, UnHackMe Monitor displays the list of the issues.
    Click the "Know More" button to get more information.

  7. A new window "Scan Results" shows you the detailed list of the issues.
    You can quickly fix the "False Positive" problems.
    Click the "It's a False Positive" button.
    Click "Scan and Fix" to fix the malware issues.
  8. UnHackMe Monitor icon is never displayed in the system tray.
    How to fix it?
    Open the Unhackmeschedule.exe program using the Administrator account.
    Default path:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\UnHackMe\unhackmeschedule.exe"
    The program will start and immediately closed.
    Restart your PC to check results.
  9. How to restart the UnHackMe Monitor?
    You can use the Exit option in the UnHackMe Monitor menu.
    Also, you can use Task Manager to kill the "hackmon.exe" process.
    Start UnHackMe monitor using the Administrator account.
    Default path:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\UnHackMe\hackmon.exe"

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