How to Get Started with UnHackMe

  1. Scan for malware and fix issues. Use this feature to scan and fix malware!
  2. Help in Removal.
    Use this feature in any troubles!
  3. It has 2 options: 1) Send us RegrunLog
    2) Apply RegRunlog from Support.
  4. Send us RegrunLog.
    It is recommended to use this button
    if you have any questions with malware removal.
    UnHackMe will begin creating the special log file (regrunlog.txt).
    This file includes detailed information about your processes,
    startup programs, services, etc.
    This is a text file and you can inspect which information
    you will share before sending it to support.
  5. Apply RNR file from Support.
    Use this button when you have the RNR file, received from the support team.
    This text file is a command file for fixing issues on your PC.
    You need to save it on your hard drive and open this file.
Plain Text
Now you can proceed to the Start Removing Malware guide.

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