Using Inspection Mode

  1. What's the difference between Investigation Mode and Malware Scan?
    Investigation Mode gives you a way to find out unknown viruses.
    Like Sherlock Holmes, you can investigate malware traces using UnHackMe professional tools.
    • Open UnHackMe.
    • Click the "Scan and Fix" button.
    • Choose "Scan in Inspection Mode" in the popup menu.
  2. Use you brain to find a virus!
  3. Use a Quick Info panel on the left side of an item. It gives useful information:
    • Is this file is digitally signed? Viruses usually are not signed!
    • Is this file is signed by a trusted manufacturer? These files cannot be malware.
    • Is a file is tested by several antivirus engines (Virustotal)? A legitimate file may have some false positive alerts.
    Also, you can investigate additional information on the Virustotal web site.
  4. Use a search to quickly filter the list by a word.
  5. Quickly change the testing section. Click on a scanning section:
    • Processes
    • PUPs( Uninstall Applications)
    • Unwanted Files
    • Startup Programs
    • Search Settings
    • Browser Plugins
    • Services
    • Unblock Antivirus
  6. Filter by a sub-section.
    Some sections like a startup have a lot of sub-sections (21)
    Click on the Choose Subsection to filter the list by a sub-section.

  7. Use the Item Information dialog.
    Double click on an item in the list or click on an item status icon.
    • "Google it" button opens a special search engine that gives an additional information.
    • "Check File" provides detailed information about file properties.
    • "Show in Folder" displays an explorer window with the focused file/folder.
    • "Jump to Registry" quickly opens a registry editor with an associated registry key.

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