How to remove PUPs (Unwanted Software)

  1. Unwanted software is not a virus.
    These are the programs, created to make money on you.
    PUPs often come in a bundle with advertising software.
    Unwanted programs offer to fix different issues with your computer, but these issues are not real.
    You pay money for nothing!
  2. Once UnHackMe Scan found PUP, it is a good idea to uninstall it.

  3. First, check PUPs that you want to be removed,
    then press the red button "Remove checked".
  4. Check the options you need and press "Start fixing".

  5. Then press "Start uninstaller" button in the appeared window.
    It will try to uninstall selected PUP.
  6. Uninstalling routine will start.
    Follow the uninstall information to proceed.
    After the uninstalling process press "Next" button.
    This will run the next step.
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Now you can proceed to the "Troubles Uninstalling Apps" guide. ‎

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