Why a Legitimate File Marked as Dangerous

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer file is 100% good and clean.
    But it is marked as bad.

  2. Double-click on the "IExplore.exe" item.
    Check the status:
    The executable file is 100% good, but it is used for malicious actions.

  3. Inspect the full command line.
    You can see the red text after "iexplore.exe".
    These are the parameters.
    "Dinoraptzor.org" marked as red, because this is a malicious web site.

  4. Internet Explorer process is used to start the web site "dinoraptzor.org".
    Dinoraptzor.org executes the scripts and redirects you to an advertising web page.
    This is a well-known trick, used by the bad actors.
  5. Click the "Check File" button to be sure that "iexplore.exe" is a fully legitimate file.
  6. Never delete the good files!
    You need to kill the iexplore.exe process to stop display advertising information.
  7. Next, you need to find out how the iexplore.exe with Dinoraptzor.org was created.
    Usually, this process is created by a scheduled task or startup command or by another malicious process.
    To check this out, just jump to 4th tab - "Startup Programs"

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