Set up a Network Shield

  1. What is Network Shield?
    Network Shield is not a firewall.
    Network Shield blocks access to malicious web sites on the domain names resolution stage.

  2. A web browser needs to obtain an IP address of a web site. The DNS server translates most of these addresses.
    But first, the Windows system checks the file "hosts" for redirects.
    Network Shield maintains the "hosts" file and redirects malicious sites to "zero" IP address.
    It will block a browser from accessing these sites.

  3. UnHackMe maintains 3 blacklists:
    • Malware & Unwanted programs.
    • Web Crypto Miners.
    • Crypto Coin Miners (not active by default).
    We suggest you always to activate the first blocklist.
    If you use Crypto Coin mining, disable the blocklist to avoid issues with accessing the crypto coin web site.
  4. Click the "Add Site/Edit your Block List" button to block a new web site or add an exclusion (false positive).

  5. Add a web site domain address (without "https://" and the rest part of address) and click the Add button.

  6. If you want to add an exclusion:
    • Click on the Exclusion tab.
    • Locate the domain in the blocklist.
    • Click the Add button.
    • Click the Save button.

  7. Click the Show Hosts File button if you want to inspect file content.
    The "hosts" full path is
    C:\Windows\ System32\ drivers \etc \hosts
    UnHackMe adds a comment line before the list:
    # BlockPUPs Start 2.931
    The end line:
    # BlockPUPs End
    Anti-webminer list:
    # Anti-WebMiner Start 1.86
    User list:
    # UserBlock Start

  8. If you want to disable the Network Shield, uncheck all blocklists and click the Save button.
    UnHackMe displays the status of Network Shield on the main dashboard.
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