Setup Anti-Malware Monitoring

    • Open UnHackMe.
    • Choose the Options tab.
    • Select the Monitoring tab.
  1. Scan for rootkits in memory.
    It works very fast because the scan does not require opening files.
    UnHackMe Monitor (Hackmon.exe) will execute "unhackme.exe" executable file in the background with your defined interval.
    You will never see this scanning while the scan will find a rootkit.
    Default option: 1 minute.

  2. Anti-malware scan.
    This is a background scan of your system.
    It takes 1-5 minutes.
    UnHackMe Monitor (Hackmon.exe) will execute "reanimator.exe" with special options to perform a background scan.
    You will see the scanning animation of UnHackMe monitor.

  3. Click on the UnHackMe monitor icon in the tray during scan:
    You can cancel the scan using the "Cancel Scanning" button.

  4. UnHackMe Monitor changes its icon in the system tray according to the scan results.
    • Found serious issue.
    • Found suspicious items.
    • Found unknown items (most of them false positive).

  5. We recommend you to scan your system every 1-4 hours.
    The scan does not take a lot of resources (10-20%)
    Not recommended to set 0 the scanning interval.
    It will disable the background anti-malware monitoring.

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