UnHackMe - Advanced Options

    • Open UnHackMe.
    • Choose "Options".
    • Select the "Advanced" tab.

  1. Recommend you to use the latest version of UnHackMe!
    • Set the boxes: "Check for Updates" and "Check for Stable Beta Version Updates".
    • Set the box "Install updates automatically" to speedup UnHackMe updating. You will see a small notification about the installed version near the system tray.
  2. Display Scaling Options. If you see that the UnHackMe window is too small on your screen, change the Scaling options. The default option is "Auto Scaling". Disable Scaling if the UnHackMe screen corrupted.
  3. Disable Recommended Offers. Set this box if you do not want to see the "Recommended" boxes on the UnHackMe main screen.

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