How to Remove Malware from the Windows Services and Drivers

  1. Windows Services and Drivers are the system programs, working in the background without displaying their windows.
    Services work with full rights to your hard drive.
    A malware service is able to change the system files, download and install new programs.
    Be careful! Removing the important services may damage your PC!
  2. Malware system services and drivers are hard in removal!
    Simple removing service or driver is not effective, because it works in the background and able to prevent removing attempts.

  3. Double click on the malicious service.
    Click on the "Check File" button.
    Click the "Get it out!" button.
  4. Get back to the list and click the "Remove Checked" button.
    Restart your computer to complete removal.
    Suggestion! Use the Windows Safe mode if you have trouble with removing malicious services or drivers.

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